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Logistics & Warehousing

On-site warehousing allows us to get your freight moving faster.

Our broad range of services are sure to meet even the most unique storage requirements.

Warehousing & Distribution

Wolverine has over 100,000 square feet of clean, heated, food grade warehousing space located in Windsor, ON, Canada. We also offer Bonded warehouse space to meet the most demanding of customer needs. You can even keep track of your stock levels by utilizing our on-line inventory management technology.

To provide customers with the best warehousing experience possible we offer tightly controlled:

  • Inspection & Sorting
  • Sequencing
  • Packaging
  • Labeling
  • Pick & Packed Services
  • Dunnage Control
  • Light Assembly
  • JIT Line Ready Component Kitting

Wolverine also offers distribution services throughout Canada and the United States. Our transportation infrastructure and partner agreements with trucking and courier services will provide dependable, low cost services to all of our clients.

Logistics Solutions

Dock Facility Our customized logistics solutions will focus on reducing your costs and improving operational efficiencies. We begin by analyzing your current transportation environment and then design a custom tailored solution to fit your unique needs. Our services include:

  • Logistics Network Design Optimization
  • Key Performance Metrics
  • Internal and External Structural Discipline
  • Overall Cost Savings
  • On-going Logistics Analysis
  • Partner Carrier Utilization
  • Centralized 24/7 Operational Support
  • Simplified Freight Payment

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Wolverine Freight System provides industry leading transportation, warehousing and logistics services to Canadian and American companies. Services include full truckload, intermodal, and expedited shipments to ensure efficient, on-time delivery. Supply Chain Management, including on-site warehousing and logistics functions, allow Wolverine to provide a complete shipping and transportation solution. Our customs specialists allow for hassle-free cross border shipments of both inbound and outbound freight.